Vision of Love’s Grama Seva (Village Service) in Arumugathankulam village in Mullaitivu District was successfully conducted. The poor villagers were happy to receive their relief items. The pre-school kids and other students actively participated and enjoyed the day. Arumugathankulam is a very remote village and 103 families are living in this village. The 90% of the families are agricultural labourers. Rest of the families have paddy fields. Due to the severe drought the paddy cultivation is a total failure this year and they have lost even the capital. The other persons, who solely live on agriculture labour, have no employment at all due the failure of the crops. There is a pre-school and a primary school. The children are without the basic needs. In view of the pathetic situation of the families, Vision of Love have supported the Grama Seva in April 2017. For more information, please contact us via