Vision of Love organised second pre-screening at District General Hospital (DGH), Trincomalee on 27.02.2018. 40 patients from a number of villages – Upooral, Seenanveli, Eachilampattrai, Kilivetty and surrounding villages were brought to DGH Trincomalee. After checking vision, the patients were referred to doctor’s examination and then to Refraction room if required. Pre-screeening examination was done by a Consultant Eye Surgeon. Lens scanning was done by optometrists and IOL power for each patient was determined. A 74 years old male diagnosed with droping nucleus, admitted to ward on 07.03.2018 and transferred to TH Batticaloa for further investigation and management. A 50 years old male diagnosed with Corneal destruction, admitted to ward on 09.03.2018 and transferred to TH Kandy. A total of 27 patients were diagnosed for cataract which will be performed by a Consultant Surgeon. 11 of them have refractive error and need spectacles. For more information, please contact us at